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Retirement Planning

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Most Americans spend more time planning their next family vacation than they do their retirement. You work too hard to leave such an important milestone up to chance. Whether you are a few days or a few decades shy of retirement - now is the time to start planning.

Thanks to modern medicine and a higher quality of life, it is estimated that one in four current 65-year-olds will live past 90, and one in ten will live past the age of 95.* As great as this news is in general, it does present an issue from a savings perspective. If you save for the average 20-year retirement and end up living an extra 10-15 years, you may not be in a position to pay bills during a time in your life when your mental and physical health is on the decline. 

Rather than stress over running out of money or having to go back to work after you’ve already retired - start planning. The retirement of your dreams is waiting to be turned into reality with a strategy from ClearStep Financial. By analyzing your current cash flow needs, assets, and long- term goals, we will design a retirement plan that doesn’t just put these things within reach - but instills continued peace of mind into your life.

* 4/16/2017