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College Planning

Saving for college has many options. Aside from 529 plans, parents are taking advantage of other avenues like mutual funds, UTMA accounts, Roth IRAs, and savings bonds to secure their student’s academic success.

While some products and services are expected to decline in cost over the years - college tuition isn’t one of them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, college tuition and fees increased by 63 percent from 2006-2016.* With the cost of textbooks increasing by 88 percent and school housing expenses up by 51 percent, it’s no wonder why parents stress over this time in their child’s future.

Whether you are able to fund your child’s future education in whole or in part, proper college planning is essential. As an independent firm, we aren’t beholden to outside entities or certain products to help our clients plan for college. When you partner with ClearStep Financial for your son or daughter's college planning needs, we will provide you with in-depth insight into each option and help you choose the one best suited for your situation. From minimizing early withdrawal penalties and tax implications, to maximizing the growth potential of your child’s money - our team will work diligently to ensure your specific needs and goals are not only met - but exceeded.

And if you are a grandparent, you also have many options to save for your grandchildren’s college education, which ClearStep Financial is happy to discuss with you.

* "College tuition and fees increase 63% since 2006"